Are you looking for a gift for an animal lover?

Check Pawillows!

Express Delivery before Valentine's day - shipping shelude below

What is a Pawillows pillow?

Pawillows are custom pillows in a realistic shape with a photo of your pet.

🎁Who is the Pawillows Pillow a perfect Valentine's day gift for?🎁

  • Do you know someone who is in love with their pet?
  • Or maybe you can't bear a moment without your pet and you can't always take it with you?
  • Due to too much love, your pet needs a double to withstand all the hugs and kisses?
  • Your pet has passed away and you want a memorial of it?
  • Do you love animals but can't have your own?
  • Does your child love your pet so much that they would hug it if they could?

❤️We love animals ourselves and Pawillows was created for these reasons❤️

Created by animal lovers for cat lovers, dog lovers and all people who love animals

❤️Will the parcel arrive in time for Valentine's day ?❤️

Every year we respond to your needs and provide express Valentine's day shipments 

Schedule of orders and shipments before Valentine's day

❤️All orders placed by January 28 will be shipped on January 30-31
❤️All orders placed from January 29 to 31 will be shipped on Thursday, February 1
❤️All orders placed from February 1 to February 5 are shipped on Tuesday, February 6.
❤️ February 6, 7 - next day shipping.
❤️For the forgetful - Orders placed on the weekend of February 8-11 will be shipped on Monday, February 12. The last chance to order before February 14 is Monday, February 12, with shipment on Tuesday, February 13.

(expected delivery in Europe within 2-5 business day, depending on the regions. For example, Germany/Netherlands approx. 2 days, France/Italy approx. 4-5 days).

Please note - the delivery time may change on the courier's part, we will make every effort to ensure that the parcels are delivered on time :) We encourage you to place orders in advance, as orders will be shipped faster if possible. The shipping dates given are the final shipping dates! 

🐾 See what cuties already have their own Pawillows! 🐾

Foryś IG: @forys_ogarpolski and his double judgmental look

"What a joke! An additional Foryś appeared in our house! 🤭 The premium version of the Pawwillows pillow imitates the Prince with dignity. 😎 This is definitely a good idea for a lovely gift for a dog lover who would never be separated from his dog. You can take the pillow with you everywhere. 😍 👩🏼🧔🏼‍♂️ for example, they took her to a gold mine in Wakajkach, which I couldn't go to." 🐾Pawillows Premium pillow review 🐾

Leo and his pawillows IG: @leo_the_scottish_fold

“You can never have enough Leos 😺😺 This gentleman next to me doesn't eat, doesn't sleep, doesn't even meow But mommy loves him as much as she loves me! ❤“ 🐾Pawillows Classic pillow review 🐾

Beza and Biszkopt IG: @kociacukiernia

"😺Furrrr Opinion: The pillows are soft and the print definitely looks like Mr. and Mrs. B! A very nice gadget and a gift idea for cat lovers" 🐾Pawillows Premium Pillow Review 🐾

Celina and Sabrina are on the beach under an umbrella IG: @the.shiba_sisters

"(...)We have a lot of fun with their reactions. And finally, we have models always ready for photos! 😅 ✅ they don't whine when hugging ✅ they don't turn around with dill - because the print is double-sided ✅ they are soft to the touch, but do not leave hair in the teeth ✅ they always have a good face . A very nice option for cuddling when traveling when you can't take dogs!" 🐾Pawillows Premium pillow review 🐾

Sweets from the candy team IG: @_cukierkowo

“… For some time now, this has been Apolonia's favorite pillow. Apart from the fact that it has a Brokatka Tiara on it, it is simply exceptionally nice to the touch. Pola even often falls asleep on it. I have already washed and dried it twice, so the quality is confirmed by the Cukierkowa certificate 😅 ... " 🐾Pawillows Fluffy pillow review 🐾

Teddy and pawillows premium Teddy ❤️ IG: @skumaj_psa

" The pillow is nice, soft and charming. In my opinion, it is a very wonderful souvenir immortalizing our pet! I hope that it will stay with us for a long time and will remind me of my Teddy! When you go on a trip but you can't take your pet, the pillow will be great I'll check it out 🙈❤️ " 🐾Pawillows Premium Pillow Review 🐾

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