How to take the best photo of your pet for a pillow?

Taking a picture of a pet is not an easy task.

The animal model is always in motion. It's hard to get his attention. Before starting work with your pet, it is worth using a few tips that will allow you to make the best possible pillow.

The photo does not have to be taken with a white background. The background is removed by our graphic designers.

We want to create beautiful products for you. Their base is good graphics prepared on the basis of the photo received from you. Each graphic is analyzed and edited in detail so that the product is the best. For this reason, we care very much about receiving a suitable photo from you and its good quality.

Our cooperation will allow us to create a beautiful product. If the photo is not appropriate, our graphic designers will contact you and ask you to correct the photo. If we are unable to make a pillow from your photos, the order will be canceled and the payment for the pillow will be refunded to the account

1. Photo shooting angle

The angle refers to the degree at which the camera points towards the subject.

The right angle for taking a photo is the most important factor in making a good pillow.

You can take the best photo by taking it simply from the animal's eyesight or torso position, so that the pillow after sewing looks like a real one. The angle of inclination of the lens in relation to the animal's level should be as small as possible.

BEST: The smallest angle to take a picture. The lens is aimed at the pet's torso parallel to the floor.
CORRECT: A photo taken at a medium angle will also be appropriate, but it is better to keep the angle smaller.
WRONG: A picture taken from above at an too high angle may not look good on the pillow.

See the differences in the shooting angle

In the photo of dogs, you can clearly see the difference in the angle of taking the photo. Please look at the dogs' paws on the made pillows.

Both photos are ok. The photo on the left is taken with a larger angle that we marked as correct. For this reason, there are white spaces on the pillow between the dog's paws caused by taking the picture from above.

The photo on the right is taken straight ahead, at the angle we have marked as the best. Feet and torso form one shape, thanks to which there is no white space between the paws.

When taking a photo, it is enough to gently lower the lens to the level of the pet and the effect will be perfect.

2. Position of Your Pet on the photo

The best pillows are sewn using photos of a sitting or lying pet. Why? Because in this position, the feet and legs form one shape with the body, which we also write about above.
Pillows made of pictures of sitting kittens according to our instructions with a real model
Pillow made of photos of sitting and lying kittens.

Why does a photo of a standing pet look worse on the pillow

A pet standing on a pillow will have free white spaces between its legs.

Not all of the pet's legs may be visible in the photo.

The photo taken from the top may look as if the pet lacks one leg or one of them (usually the back) is shorter than the others.

The photo shows a standing dog in a good position, but still the middle "third" leg will be visible on the pillow because the dog is standing.

3. The position of the tail and paws

It is worth paying attention to how the paws and tail of the pet are arranged.

Using a pillow with a tail that extends beyond the outline of the body reduces the size of the pillow. Most often, the tail can be hidden when editing a photo, so that the pillow is as large as possible and stands steadily on the ground. The tail hanging downwards will reduce the stability of the cushion on the ground. The tail that goes beyond the outline of the pillow is removed by our graphic designers without consulting you.

BAD: The kitten's tail is below the paws and will be removed by the artists during editing - red marking.
RIGHT: The feet are one line - green marking

Another issue is the position of the paws, which is especially important when taking pictures of lying pet.. It is shown in the photo below.

The photo was taken from the eye level of the model, but the model wanted to show his paw. As in the case of the tail, the paw extends beyond the outline of the pet, which has a negative effect on the stability of the standing pillow and reduces its size. A pillow with a kitten position on the right side with paws close to the body will look much better. In the case of the tail, it can be removed in the photo, but the feet cannot be removed in an aesthetic way.

Red marks the position of the paws that should be avoided, and green shows the best possible position.

4. Photo lighting and colors

Even the prettiest photo taken in poor lighting conditions will not look good after printing.

The photo should be taken under the brightest possible conditions. We recommend that you take a photo during the day with natural or very bright lighting to show the natural color of the model's fur. Artificial light should be white, not yellow

WRONG: In the photo above, the kitten is well positioned, but the artificial and dark lighting does not show the color of its coat well. The kitten is white, but its fur will be orange in the printout. In addition, the kitten has colorful spots of light falling from the Christmas tree. Light from the TV has the same negative effect.
BAD: It is worth paying attention to the overexposure of the photo. The model should be illuminated with the same light. The pet cannot be left partially in the sun or in the shade. In the photo above, the kitten is well positioned, but part of its head is overexposed by the sun.

Lighting a pet with black fur

Making a pillow with an animal with dark fur requires special attention to several factors.

  • You should illuminate your pet very well from the front.
  • When you zoom in, you should see hair and a shiny coat.
  • It is worth paying attention if any filters like face beautification are turned on. The photo should be taken without filters.
The pictures above show very well lit pictures of a black kitten
The photos above show poorly lit pictures of a black kitten. If the photo is too dark, the black fur print will be a dark spot.

6. In the photo, the body of the animal should be fully visible.

In the photo, the body of the animal should be fully visible. His whole body, ears and feet should be in the frame It should not be obscured by plants or other objects, and its entire posture should be in the photo.

6. Image quality and size

The photo attached to the order should be the source file saved directly on the camera or phone.


Do not attach a photo that you received via messenger, whats app or MMS.

Do not attach a photo that you received via messenger, whats app or MMS. The photo should also not be a screen shot from the phone screen.The photo quality is automatically reduced by the application. To get the best quality photo, please ask the author of the source photo to send it to you via e-mail.

The source photo is the photo saved immediately after it was taken on the phone or camera.

How do I check the quality of a photo?

The size of the photo can be checked by right-clicking on the photo icon, then selecting the properties and details button

The minimum resolution of the photo is 2 megapixels, i.e. 1920 x 1080 px. correctly it should be around 3000x 2000 px, and the best around 5000 x 3500 px.

A smaller photo may not look good on the pillow. Of course, we recommend that you upload a larger photo, if available


When taking new photos, it is worth considering our tips so that we can make the best pillow for you.

We can make a product from every photo of relatively good quality sent by you. It is worth considering the above description and the fact that the inappropriate position of the pet in the photo or the poor quality of the photo can negatively affect the final appearance of the pillow, its size, stability and many other aspects.

If it is not possible to take a new photo, we encourage you to choose the photo that is available and best suits our tips

CEO Pawillows Olo greets all animal models :)

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